Social Network and Payment System based on Blockchain 3.0 technology and powered by AI. Our project is designed to connect People, Businesses, Governments & Things (Internet of Everything).

Our Mission is to Help People & Things come together as ONE and work for the greater good of our planet and all of mankind. Our technology provides complete ONLINE PRIVACY for You and 20 billion + SMART DEVICES that about to join the network of The INTERNET OF EVERYTHING in the next 5 years.

ZION.CITY was built on the next generation Blockchain  3.0 crypto technology (Decentralized Internet Operational System (Bitcoin, Ethereum alike)) and powered by AI Bots to help You to optimize Your personal and business processes to save time and money to set you FREE to Live, Love and Do Things that makes You and others happy.

For the past several years our team worked on creating the first virtual currency that will be a new monetary system outside of the political influence and central bank control.


Dear friends!


For your convenience, we suggest downloading the Beta version of the universal wallet of the ZION.CITY project.


You can place Ethereum tokens A including Altyn Utility Token. As the project develops, the application will be updated with new features.

  • This is WEB 4.0 - the ecosystem Intelligent WEB Social Network & Instant Messenger

  • This is ALTYN Virtual Currency based on 3rd generation Blockchain

  • This is complete PRIVACY of any personal or business DATA

  • This is a data search with - Choose The Right Search Engine using smart bots (machine learning).

  • This is a decentralized network using blockchain and crypto technologies.

  • It is an intuitive universal UI | UX

  • BIG DATA optimization

  • Optimization by Artificial Intelligence

  • This is one password and login for all the digital services you need.

  • Can be easily scaled from one family to the entire continent 

  • This TAB contains information about everything you do and talk about with your family. With enhanced privacy features and future parental control features, this is Your Private network for people you LOVE and care the most about. So you know and see everything that’s happening with your LOVED ONES in REAL-TIME. Not when it is too late…


Robert Becaria

Project architect

He has been working in IT since 2003. Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, UI / UX and Web development, Video Production and Video Development, Automated eCommerce platform architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Content Delivery Network Architect, IoT, Online Traffic Generation and Conversion, Online Sales. Architect of Bots and Botnets. Creation of automated software for various affiliate programs.

Vladimir Lazarev

Lead Engineer

Graduated from Almaty Power Engineering Institute, radio engineer

He worked for 13 years in the leading IT company of the Republic of Kazakhstan - “ABS” LLP, a direct partner of CiSCO, GE, ORACLE, SDMO, TADIRAN.
Also worked in SAP Kazakhstan, Wincomm Technologies, IT company.
One of the pioneers in introducing the latest technologies in various industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 "It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela

"And the Lord calls his people to come to ZION, they are of ONE HEART and ONE MIND, they [will] dwell in righteousness there [will] be NO POOR among them."